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 Products List

Ø         Syringes/infusion sets

Ø         First aid bandage/first aid kits

Ø         Surgical tapes

Ø         Sphygmomanometer

Ø         Absorbent gauze series/absorbent cotton wool series

Ø         Adult diaper series

Ø         Thermometer series

Ø         Non woven series

Ø         Wooden tongue depressor

Ø         more4

 Elastic bandage

>Cotton and non woven self-adhesive bandage

>PBT bandage

>Cotton crepe bandage
 First aid kit

>First aid kit ...

>Frist Aid Kit ...

>First aid kit ...
 Surgical tapes

>FH4101 Non woven adh...

>FH4102 Silk Adhesive...

>Zinc Oxide Adhesive ...
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